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Demonstration – We are one of only a few that will come out and preform a free, no obligation landscape lighting demonstration at your property. This will allow us to show you what we can do prior to making any purchase of a lighting system. Each property is vastly different, what we might suggest for your neighbor’s house is not what we would suggest for your house.

We will come out and set up a full lighting system with the only difference being you will see the fixtures and wires while after installation we conceal fixtures as much as possible and you shouldn’t see any wires.

Complete Installation – This is where the professionalism comes, we will install all fixtures, conceal all wires, ensure each fixture and bulb have the correct voltage, adjust all fixtures (at night) to ensure you get the most out of each fixture and provide you with a lighting care sheet and full warranty information from both us and the manufacturer prior to us completing the job and taking final payment.

We use a state of the art wire connection system that provides a very long lasting, worry free solid connection at each fixture. We do not use wire nuts.

Repair – No matter whether we installed the system or not, we will perform any needed repair work to ensure your system is running at its peak performance. It is very common for us to run into voltage issues from other installers that feel that lighting is just simply wiring up some lights. Well, it’s not! Each fixture, size of wire, transformer and bulbs (halogen and LED) have fairly small parameters at which they operate to the manufactures specification. Too much or too little voltage can cause light bulbs to blow out, Fixture's electrical sockets to burn out and wires to melt and possibly pose a fire hazard. We test EVERYTHING (both on installation and repairs) for proper voltage from the transformer, wire, light fixture and bulbs so that the systems we have anything to deal with operate within the correct parameters. This ensures that the user gets the most out of the system. Nine times out of ten, if you’re having trouble with your lighting system it has to do with wire connections and voltage problems.

To request a free consultation please call us at 843-258-9100 or fill out contact form and we respond to you at our earliest convenience.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of SC: